Mushroom is an analytic and Training quarterly magazine that founded and joined the press community of Iran in spring 2013. It is dedicated to spreading news and analysis in the fields of mushroom farming. Mushroom is the very first academic quarterly journal of mushroom in Iran and Middle East, working with contribution of Agricultural Organization and Mushroom growers Association. It publishes in four issues and one special issue annually. This journal is an academic think tank for entrepreneurs and interested individuals and community in the field of mushroom.


Necessity of This Journal

Population Growth and increasing demands of agricultural products have made developing countries to replace modernity with old methods of cultivation. Mushrooms require less Area of land and more nutritional value. on the same basis, related books, press and journals are meant to be the main useful reference of news and recent applied researches to develop this related industry in order to improve knowledge and skills of mushroom growers, industrialists, educated people and the others interested on the subject, utilized by current capacities of scientific research, empirical knowledge and present production. In other words Mushroom journal with consideration of this high demands aims to be an academic think tank for entrepreneurs and interested individuals or communities in the field of mushrooms and any kind involved.



·        Develop mushroom industry, improve knowledge and skills of mushroom growers

·        Increase in per capita consumption of mushrooms

·        Connecting researchers, academics, producers and consumers and related industries to improve economy of production and consumption

·        Publishing essays, executive scientific methods to improve public knowledge




The quarterly journal consists of five main sections News, Products, Industries, Markets and Economy, Health and Nutrition with following contents:

·        Research and review articles

·        News and views

·        Recent scientific and practical subjects  

·        Introducing of economically active investors

·        Analyzing of current difficulties and challenges

·        General information


Distribution fields:

·        Companies, organizations and production departments and green houses

·        Senior managers of government

·        Managers of Banks

·        Educational, technical and vocational training center

·        Universities, research and technological centers


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